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Utah Fishing Licenses

Anglers planning fishing trips in Utah must get a fishing license before they can remove any fishes from state waters. Fishing permits are issued by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (UDWR) to both residents and visitors of the state. Each license to fish is categorized based on the applicant’s age, residency status and the length of time the permit is valid for. Novice anglers can also enhance their fishing skills by participating in one of the many educational opportunities offered by UDWR. Anglers eager to create social connections with other fishing enthusiasts should consider joining a local fishing organization as well. Read the sections below for more information on how to get fishing licenses in Utah:

  • Types of fishing licenses in UT
  • Fishing education in UT
  • Fishing organizations in UT

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Types of Utah Fishing Licenses

A variety of Utah fishing licenses is available for both resident anglers and those visiting the state. Issued by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, state recreational fishing licenses are divided in two different categories:

  • Residential fishing licenses
  • Non resident fishing licenses

A license to fish is required for all anglers ages 12 and older. To buy fishing licenses in Utah, you must apply through the UDWR using one of the following methods:

  • Purchase fishing permits online through the UT Fishing and Hunting License purchase page.
  • Purchase fishing permits at select retail outlets located throughout the state.
  • Purchase fishing permits over the phone by dialing 1-800-221-0659.

Online and phone UT fishing license purchases require a valid credit card. Phone transactions incur an additional $2 transaction fee at the time of purchase.

Residential Fishing Licenses in Utah

Utah residents can obtain residential fishing licenses at a discounted fee compared to anglers visiting the state. A resident is defined by the UDWR as individuals with fixed, permanent homes who have lived in the state for at least six consecutive months. Additionally, active-duty military members stationed in Utah and students attending a higher education institution in the state are considered residents for fishing permit purposes. Residential fishing license options include:

  • One-Year Residential Fishing License (ages 12 and 13): $5
  • One-Year Residential Fishing License (ages 14 through 17): $16
  • One-Year Residential Fishing License (ages 18 and older): $34
    • You may also purchase multi-year licenses at $33 per year for up to five years.
  • One-Year Senior Residential Fishing License (ages 65 and older): $25
    • You may also purchase multi-year senior licenses at $25 per year for up to five years.
  • Disabled Veterans One-Year Fishing License: $12
    • You may also purchase multi-year veteran licenses at $12 per year for up to five years.
  • Three-Day Residential Fishing License: $16
  • Seven-Day Residential Fishing License: $20

Residential fishing license fees are subject to change without notice.

Non Resident Fishing Licenses in Utah

Anglers in Utah who have not lived in the state for six consecutive months are considered visitors and are therefore ineligible for residential fishing licenses. However, the UDWR offers UT non resident fishing license options to state visitors of all ages. Non resident fishing permit options include:

  • One-Year Non Resident Fishing License (ages 12 and 13): $5
  • One-Year Non Resident Fishing License (ages 14 through 17): $25
  • One-Year Non Resident Fishing License (ages 18 and older): $75
    • You may also purchase multi-year senior licenses at $75 per year for up to five years.
  • Three-Day Non Resident Fishing License: $24
  • Seven-Day Non Resident Fishing License: $40

Non resident fishing license fees are subject to change without notice.

Utah Fishing Education

Utah is home to over 50 community fisheries that each offer educational opportunities to resident and visiting anglers alike. Most state fisheries sponsor youth summer fishing programs for children between the ages of six and 13. Fishing education programs are also continuously rotating volunteers who can both teach and learn from young anglers across the state. Additional education resources are available through several fishing organizations operating throughout the state.

Utah Fishing Organizations

A number of fishing organizations operate throughout Utah, allowing anglers of all ages and skill levels to come together socially with the common interest of fishing in state waters. Some of the most popular fishing clubs include:

  • The Utah Fly Fishing Club.
  • The Fly Drifters of Utah.
  • The Utah Trout Unlimited.

The Utah Fly Fishing Club is dedicated to promoting the sport of fly fishing across the state. Fostering a dedicated community of fly fishers, the club’s main goal is to bring fly fishing enthusiasts together for fun fishing events while also promoting the conservation of Utah streams, rivers and lakes.

The Fly Drifters of Utah was established by a group of fly fishing enthusiasts with the common goal of recruiting new fly fishers. With a professional focus on planning group fly fishing trips and protecting local water wildlife, Fly Drifters works with other organizations to keep Utah’s fly fishing culture pristine.

Utah Trout Unlimited is the name of the overarching organization that consists of seven separate Trout Unlimited chapters. Dedication to the conservation, protection and restoration of Utah’s fisheries and watersheds, Trout Unlimited promotes all manner of angling while working with local organizations and state agencies to meet conservation goals.