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Your Guide to TX Fishing Licenses |

Texas Fishing Licenses

Don't get fined or penalized for fishing without a license. Texas law requires a permit to fish in all bodies of water. will help simplify the process of obtaining your license by providing you with all the information you need to complete your license application with the department of wildlife. Our concierge services provide a step-by-step checklist to get licensed, along with additional, value-added services.

Fishing in Texas is one of the favorite pastimes of residents located throughout the state. And it's easy to see why, since there are so many locations for freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, and offshore fishing in the gulf coast. With such a lively fishing culture, there are many opportunities throughout Texas cities for beginners and expert anglers alike to hone their craft and learn from other fishing enthusiasts with varying skillsets.

A range of travel options, from planes to cars to charter boats captained by fishing professionals, makes it easy for both Texas residents and visitors to reach their favorite fishing spots. There are also a number of fishing organizations in Texas that help promote the sport and support enthusiasts throughout the state.

But, before embarking on any fishing excursion, remember to learn about the various Texas fishing rules and regulations. All prospective fishers in Texas born after January 1, 1931 must carry a freshwater fishing license, a saltwater fishing license or a license that covers both saltwater and freshwater fishing in the public waters of Texas. Read on below for more information on how to get a fishing license in Texas, along with the various state fishing guidelines.

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Saltwater Fishing License

Texas is home to some of the best saltwater fishing locations in the country, both inland and off the coast. However, resident and non-resident anglers who would like to practice some Texas saltwater fishing must have the proper saltwater fishing license before breaking out a rod and reel. Saltwater fishing licenses are required for all anglers born after January 1, 1931 who want to take any marine life out of the public saltwater bodies in and around Texas.

Check out the saltwater fishing license guide for more information on how to acquire a Texas saltwater fishing license. Information includes: proof of residency to be eligible to buy a saltwater fishing license, how to purchase a replacement saltwater fishing license and how to buy nonresident or lifetime saltwater fishing licenses. We also cover restrictions and requirements for military and senior saltwater fishing licenses.

Though fishing license rules apply to a majority of areas in Texas, fishing licenses are not required for fishing from the bank in a Texas state park, or fishing in waters that reside completely within a state park. Additionally, the first Saturday in June each year is known statewide as Free Fishing Day. On Free Fishing Day, all anglers can do as much fishing as they like without purchasing a fishing license.

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Freshwater Fishing License

For hopeful anglers searching for a decent fishing spot, there are literally hundreds of great locations in Texas for freshwater fishing. However, anglers who hope to do some freshwater fishing within the Texas state limits must obtain a freshwater fishing license before dipping bait into the water. Fishing licenses are required in Texas for any fisherman born after January 1, 1931 to take any fish, mussels, clams, crayfish or other aquatic life from Texas public waters.

Our freshwater fishing information goes into detail on the specific requirements for purchasing a Texas freshwater fishing license. Available information includes: how to buy a freshwater fishing license for residents, various freshwater fishing license packages for nonresidents and how to purchase a replacement freshwater fishing license. There is also additional information for marines and seniors looking to purchase discounted freshwater fishing licenses.

There are a few exceptions to the fishing license requirements. Freshwater fishing licenses are not mandatory for anglers fishing in a Texas state park or on Free Fishing Day each June.

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Time, experience and knowledge about the craft of fishing all go into becoming a great angler. That is why fishing education and safety regulations are such a huge part of the fishing community in Texas. Whether anglers are saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing, knowing how to properly handle Texas wildlife and waters can keep anglers out of harm's way. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department holds regular fishing instruction courses throughout the state, including the "Fishing with a Ranger" program, Fly Fishing 101 courses and even the child-friendly "Go Fish! Learn to Fish" program. Many private companies throughout the state also hold regularly-scheduled saltwater and freshwater fishing courses.

Additionally, we also outline various safety regulations posed by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department regarding fishing. Most regulations involve the proper use of boats and how to stay safe on the water, as well as a list of prohibited fishing acts. We inform anglers about the various state violations that can result from mishandling Texas wildlife or misusing personal fishing equipment.

You'll also find a detailed list of the Texas freshwater limits and saltwater fishing limits for catching marine animals. Most species of fish and other marine life in Texas have limits on how many fish an angler can catch per day.

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Texas is known throughout the country for having some of the best saltwater and freshwater fishing locations in the world. Areas like Sabine Lake offer loads of large speckled trout, while the Lower Laguna Madre yields high amounts of redfish and snook. Anglers can find decent-sized flounder in Galveston, and the Red, Brazos and Trinity Rivers are filled with bass and catfish. With dozens of species swimming through the public fresh and saltwater of Texas, there are numerous opportunities to catch a variety of fish.

Here, you'll find various options for travel during Texas fishing trips. From seaplanes to charter boats to car rentals, the choices for traveling to the perfect fishing spot are numerous and dependent on the accessibility of the final destination.

Anglers looking to skip a lot of the prep work and go straight to the fishing part of things can also charter a boat. Boat charters are controlled by experienced Texas fishing guides who take patrons out to fishing spots non-locals might otherwise not know about. Chartered trips can also be educational in their own right, as most charter boat captains are very knowledgeable about the various aspects of saltwater and freshwater fishing.

Continue on to find more information on the various bait shop locations throughout Texas. You'll also find information on boat slips and the various options for lodging throughout the state.

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Anglers looking to join local fishing clubs in Texas have a wide selection of organizations to choose from. Many of the fishing organizations in Texas are focused on specific cities or districts, such as the Dallas Flyfishers organization or the Central Texas Bass Anglers. Other organizations are focused around specific fishing spots, such as Lake Ray's Robert Sportsman's Association. There are even state divisions of national organizations such as the Coastal Conservation Association, which opened its first office in Texas in 1977. Fishing specialties also have their own organizations as well, with groups such as the Texas Association of Bass Clubs for bass fishers, the Texas Women Fly Fishers for women who practice fly fishing and the Central Texas Fly Fishers.

Any angler with an enthusiasm for fishing in Texas can find a local organization that caters to his or her needs. And if there isn't an organization in the vicinity, there are always ways to start one. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is also a state-funded wildlife organization that hosts many fishing programs for children and adults alike.

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