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California Sports Fishing License

Don’t get fined or penalized for fishing without a license. State law requires a permit to fish in all bodies of water. will help simplify the process of obtaining your license by providing you with all the information you need to complete your license application with the department of wildlife. Our concierge services provide a step-by-step checklist to get licensed, along with additional, value-added services.

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In order to engage in sport fishing in the state of California, there is one step that are required to take: You will have to buy a fishing license. The good news is that there are various kinds of CA fishing permits available for residents and nonresidents, all of which have different lengths of validity and come with different fees. Fortunately, you can learn all about getting a fishing license below.

California Resident Sport Fishing License

To the state of California, a resident is someone who has lived in CA continuously for at least six months before his or her fishing license application is filed. Active-duty military members and Job Corps workers are also considered residents. And to obtain a resident fishing license, these interested individuals can buy one online or submit the appropriate application in person to a local licensing agent or a CA Department of Fish and Wildlife licensing office.

Learn more about getting a fishing license as a resident in the detailed “How to Become a Licensed Fisherman eBook.”

California Non-Resident Sport Fishing License

Non-residents, which are those prospective fishermen who do not meet the qualifications of being California residents, will have to pay slightly higher prices for their non resident fishing licenses.

Learn more about the prices of these CA non resident fishing permits in the “How to Become a Licensed Fisherman eBook.”

Renew California Sport Fishing License

A permit to fish in California typically expires after one year, if it is not a lifetime or short-term license. Once expiration approaches, you must take the necessary steps to renew fishing license documentation. Depending on your preference, this process can be completed online through the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife website or in person at a local CDFW licensing office. In either case, the appropriate fee must be paid.

Replace California Sport Fishing License

If you ever lose your license to fish or have it stolen from you, it is your responsibility to order a fishing license replacement in CA. Fortunately, it is not expensive to replace fishing credentials, and you can buy these duplicate documents to fish online or in person at a local licensing office.

Senior California Sport Fishing License

Seniors (age 65 and older) have the chance to apply for reduced-fee credentials in the state of California. However, in order for them to do so, they will have to go in person to a local CDFW office in order to pay the fee and provide proof that they meet the necessary income requirements.

Note: Recovering service members also have access to the reduced-fee recreational fishing license, and they also must apply in person.

Lifetime California Sport Fishing License

Lifetime licenses are the most expensive fishing permits available in the state of California, because they are the ones that last the longest. Applying for them is as simple as filling out the appropriate fishing application form and submitting it to a California Department of Fish and Wildlife licensing office by mail, in person or by fax.

California Sport Fishing License Fees

There is a wide range of fees for fishing licenses in California. They range from $6.95 for a reduced-fee license, all the way up to $844.50 for certain lifetime fishing licenses. To learn more about fees in California, be sure to take a look at the “How to Become a Licensed Fisherman eBook.”