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Texas Association of Bass Clubs (TABC)

Organized in 1971, the Texas Association of Bass Clubs (TABC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of angling in the state. TABC’s main goal is to promote bass fishing by implementing restocking programs, proper management of Texas fishing resources, and sensible aquatic vegetation control techniques. TABC also increases public interest in bass fishing while promoting it to Texas youth with the hope of continuing Texas’s bass fishing legacy.

TABC also holds a seat on the Texas Outdoor Partnership board, a collection of organizations throughout Texas that focus on conservation and provide communication routes between anglers (and other outdoor enthusiasts), legislators, the media, and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Operating under an ordered structure, TABC consists of a President, Vice President and Secretary, who are among eight elected members of the board voted in by TABC’s general membership, as well as a member of the San Antonio Metropolitan League of Bass Clubs.

To find out more about TABC, visit their website  or contact their headquarters at:

Texas Association of Bass Clubs (TABC), P.O. Box 1356, Stephenville, Texas 76401

Coastal Conservation Association Texas (CCA Texas)

The Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) is a national marine conservation organization with offices in 17 states across the US. CCA Texas is the Texas branch of the organization, operating as a non-profit that is composed of thousands of state anglers and outdoor enthusiasts situated along the coast.

Founded in 1977, the CCA actually began in Texas, continuing to grow over the next 35 years to become the renowned national organization it is now. With an unmatched level of volunteer involvement in CCA Texas, the local branch has become the largest marine conservation group in the country.

CCA Texas has accumulated a list of accomplishments over the years, including enacting positive change for coastal marine conservation and management by pushing for a state net ban, by-catch reduction for Gulf and bay shrimp trawls, gamefish status for speckled trout and redfish, flounder conservation measures, Gulf fisheries management initiatives, and limited entry into commercial fisheries.

Engaging in various local, state and national marine conservation programs, CCA Texas has initiated scientific studies, helped pass pro-resource legislation, supported marine law enforcement at the local level, funded marine science scholarships, funded state-of-the-art hatcheries, initiated habitat-restoration projects, and fought for quality/quantity of freshwater inflows for coastal bays and estuaries.

For more information,  visit the CCA Texas website .

Central Texas Fly Fishers (CTFF)

Affiliated with the International Federation of Fly Fishers and its Texas Council, the CTFF organization is located in San Marcos and consists of members of all ages and fishing abilities. By sharing techniques, rewards and traditions of their passion with others, the CTFF promotes the ideals of the group through a number of methods:

  • Monthly meetings and fly tying nights
  • Outings
  • Community casting clinics
  • Teaching fly tying and casting at schools and various fly fishing and outdoor events in the area
  • Conservation efforts
  • Expanding the outreach of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing programs in central Texas

In addition, CTFF holds an annual Fun Fishing Day each January for physically and developmentally challenged students living in the San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District. Sponsored by the San Marcos Parks and Recreation Department, Fun Fishing Day is held at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s A.E. Wood Fish Hatchery in San Marcos. Operating since 1999, CTFF’s Fun Fishing Day draws a number of volunteers who come to help participating youth catch some fish.