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Fishing Organizations

If you are planning on getting a fishing license in Minnesota, you might also want to consider joining a state organization. Throughout the country, there are non-profit organizations and groups that focus on the sport of fishing. They recruit members to increase awareness of common problems with rivers and lakes, all in an effort to keep the trade and sport of fishing alive. Some of these organizations are general in their goals, simply working to improve wildlife conditions. Others are specific to a part of Minnesota or to a particular species.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Division of Fish and Wildlife

In 1931, the Department of Conservation was created in Minnesota as an umbrella to four different causes: game and fish, waters and drainage, lands and timber and forestry. Today, the conservation department is now known as the Department of Natural Resources, featuring a number of different divisions, from water resources to parks and trails and fish and wildlife. Working to elevate the state in all of these divisions are approximately 33,000 active volunteers that contribute to more than a dozen programs in Minnesota.

Specifically, the Division of Fish and Wildlife was created to protect and regulate the fish and wildlife of the state of Minnesota. Every piece of land acquired by the Department of Natural Resources is managed by this division, which ensures that regulations related to fish and wildlife are met. In addition to its regulatory duties, the Division of Fish and Wildlife is also responsible for the distribution of fishing licenses and registration documents for boats in Minnesota. In order to obtain either of these credentials, residents must meet all of the qualifications provided by the Division, and pay the necessary fees associated with a certain license. The price of a license to fish in MN depends on a number of factors, including age and residential status.

Women Anglers of Minnesota (WAM)

Minnesota residents can be proud of the fact that the oldest active fishing organization for women in the country is located right in their home state. Incorporated in 1977, the Women Anglers of Minnesota have made it their mission to educate women and children on the sport of fishing, while also teaching them how to properly and safely interact with their natural environment.

In addition to promoting the fun of fishing trips, the members of this Minnesota organization take great pride in supporting the community through their work with environmental charities and non-profit organizations. WAM is also known for its adherence to conservation regulations, as well as rules associated with fishing and boating in the state of Minnesota. The organization simply believes that there is no better way to promote responsible state park fishing practices.

So whether you are a seasoned veteran or someone who is looking to get into the sport of fishing for the first time, WAM offers the perfect setting for all women and children enthusiasts. It is an organization where you can interact with individuals of similar interests, trade tips and even learn new techniques to enhance your future experiences with the sport.

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Conservation Partners of America

Created in the year 2002, the CPA is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that works to achieve a number of goals in the state of Minnesota and the country as a whole. These include enhancing the life of fish and other wildlife, preserving their habitats and educating the general public on important wildlife issues.

The Conservation Partners of America is as much about sportsmen as it is for volunteers that are concerned with their communities. The CPA encourages sports fishermen to aid in the conservation process so that the sport can remain alive and well. This is done by giving each community the power to coordinate activities in its own area. Because the organization is not specific to any particular species, the CPA can get involved in a number of different matters and exists without being hindered by boundaries.

Some examples of the other projects the CPA has been involved in include building houses for wood ducks, pheasant conservation and release, and youth days for the purpose of educating children in grade school. Chapters for this organization are located in several parts of the United States, all focusing on different types of conservation.

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Minnesota Outdoor Heritage Alliance

The Minnesota Outdoor Heritage Alliance, or MOHA, is the largest alliance of fishing, hunting, trapping and conservation groups in the state of Minnesota. A non-profit organization, its goal is to increase awareness of the state’s fishing, hunting and trapping heritage by involving their members in legislative and community action whenever the environment requires it.

Since being created in 1994, the Minnesota Outdoor Heritage Alliance has established an outdoor heritage expo for the state’s youth, educating children on outdoor heritage through involvement with clubs. In the year 2000, the MOHA garnered national attention. Given its unique focus on protecting the honor of outdoor tradition, the organization was even used as a model by the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation in order to establish similar organizations throughout the country.

The MOHA has not lost its focus on its home state. The state has its own Sportsmen's Caucus, featuring representatives from both the Minnesota House and Senate, who value the outdoor issues of their state of Minnesota. Biweekly, the Minnesota Outdoor Heritage Alliance meets with this Sportsmen’s Caucus to gather support for fighting issues in their home state.

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New Ulm Area Sport Fishermen

Another 501(c)(3) charitable organization is the New Ulm Area Sport Fisherman group. With the goal of providing more fishing opportunities by cleaning up Minnesota’s rivers and increasing conservation efforts, the organization has made waves in the community since its inception in 1986.

Of its many accomplishments, the New Ulm Area Sport Fisherman organization was the guiding hand behind the Sportsmen’s Coalition for a Clean Minnesota River, or the CCMR, but that is only the tip of the non-profit organization’s contributions. Since its creation, the fishing organization has also greatly improved the status of Clear Lake in Brown County, MN.

By increasing awareness in its community, the club has educated numerous individuals and families on the importance of conservation and the types of fishing in MN. And by offering fishing trips the whole year long, it fosters long-lasting relationships with its over 180 active members. Whether it is a community clean up, riverbank protection or a fishing trip for children that are physically challenged, the New Ulm Area Sport Fisherman group is constantly offering different experiences to bring Minnesota residents together in an effort to better its state.

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