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North Carolina Fishing Licenses

Don't get fined or penalized for fishing without a license. North Carolina law requires a permit to fish in all bodies of water. will help simplify the process of obtaining your license by providing you with all the information you need to complete your license application with the department of wildlife. Our concierge services provide a step-by-step checklist to get licensed, along with additional, value-added services.

If you are an avid fisherman who enjoys nature and the great outdoors, then you will be glad to know that the state of North Carolina offers a number of fishing licenses for you to use year round. In addition to freshwater (inland) licenses and saltwater (coastal) licenses, you can obtain a lifetime license to fish or a senior license as well, as long as you meet a set list of criteria. The type of fishing credential you should consider purchasing will depend on the activity you want to partake in, and which state waters you would like to fish in. Keep in mind that different fees will also come into play, and these will vary according to the permit to fish that you hold. North Carolina makes it easy to purchase your license in several ways. Whether you choose to get yours online, in person or by phone is ultimately up to you. Nonetheless, it is important that you have the correct form of payment on hand, as well as any necessary documentation that may be asked of you. To learn more about where and how to get a fishing license in NC, read the sections featured within these pages.

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Freshwater Fishing License

One of the fishing credentials you can obtain in North Carolina is the freshwater fishing license ? also known as the inland fishing license ? which is offered to both residents and nonresidents. This particular permit to fish is also available on a short-term basis or for the duration of your lifetime, depending on which one is more suitable to you. However, in order to get a fishing license in the state, you must first fulfill the necessary requirements, as mandated by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

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Saltwater Fishing License

The North Carolina De partment of Environmental Quality?s Division of Marine Fisheries issues both coastal (saltwater) and inland (freshwater) fishing licenses to residents and nonresidents of the state. To learn how to get a coastal fishing license in North Carolina, you must go through the application process through the Division of Marine Fisheries. Your residential status is very important when purchasing a coastal fishing license, as it determines whether or not you will pay the significantly higher non-residential coastal fishing permit fee. For more information on coastal fishing documents, read the information below.

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For the most part, North Carolina anglers know a lot about fishing. However, there are always opportunities to learn more about the craft. Whether you are a novice or experienced angler, you can always benefit from a few educational opportunities. For this reason, the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has partnered with various other organizations to create numerous fishing education venues throughout the state. From workshops to excursions to specialized courses, there?s an opportunity to expand your skill set. Read below to find out more about fishing education opportunities in North Carolina.

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Fishing in North Carolina can be one of the most enjoyable experiences you will ever have. Making sure your fishing trip is completed without a hitch takes some careful planning though. Whether figuring out how to get to your favorite fishing spot or embarking on an excursion with experts to find the perfect fishing spot, you will need to know the various options you have. Preparation is key when it comes to making your fishing vacation enjoyable. Read below for more information on fishing trip accommodations.

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Fishing alone can be fun, but having a community of anglers to turn to can help you hone your craft. Whether joining a national club or a local organization, there are many options in North Carolina for anglers of all skill levels. Read below for more information on a few of the more well-known fishing organizations in the state.

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