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Indiana Fishing Licenses

Anglers in Indiana must get an IN fishing license before they can fish in state public waters. Fishing licenses can be purchased through the Department of Natural Resources Division of Fish and Wildlife (DNR). F ishing education resources are provided by the department, as well as other organizations throughout the state. Experienced anglers may also gain support through local fishing organizations. Before you buy a fishing license in Indiana, learn more about the process by reading the sections outlined below:

  • Types of fishing licenses in Indiana
  • Fishing education in Indiana
  • Fishing organizations in Indiana

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Types of Indiana Fishing Licenses

Indiana recreational fishing licenses are categorized based on certain factors such as the applicant’s age, residency status and the length of time that he or she would like the license to be valid for. State residents ages 17 and younger are exempt from fishing permit requirements. The Department of Natural Resources has two main categories of fishing permits:

  • Residential fishing licenses
  • Non resident fishing licenses

Both residents and non residents can buy Indiana fishing licenses using one of three methods:

  • Online through the state Outdoor Licensing System
  • In person from an authorized fishing license retailer, county clerk or most DNR offices
    • Non residents applying in person should visit the DNR Customer Service Center between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at:
      Indiana Government Center South
      402 W. Washington St., Room W160
      Indianapolis, IN 46204-2739
  • By mail
    • When applying by mail, submit a document with the following information:
      • Name
      • Date of birth
      • Complete address
      • Height, weight, hair and eye color
      • Social Security Number
      • Type of license being purchased
    • Mail documents and the appropriate fishing license fee to the following address:
      DNR Customer Service Center
      402 W. Washington St., Rm. W160
      Indianapolis, IN 46204-2739
      Mailed fishing license applications will receive a response within two weeks.

Residential Fishing Licenses in Indiana

Indiana residential fishing licenses are available to individuals who have established a permanent home in the state for at least 60 consecutive days. The available licenses are categorized based on the applicant’s age and the period of time the license will be valid for:

  • Hunting and Fishing License: $25
  • Annual Fishing License: $17
  • One-day Fishing License: $9
  • Annual Senior Fishing License: $3
  • Senior Lifetime Fishing License: $17
  • Voluntary Senior Annual Fishing License: $3
    • Residents born before April 1, 1943 are exempt from fishing license privileges but may purchase a voluntary license to support local wildlife conservation.
  • Trout/Salmon Fishing Stamp Privilege: $11

IN residential fishing license fees are subject to change without notice.

Non Residential Fishing Licenses in Indiana

Individuals who do not qualify for residential fishing licenses can purchase an Indiana non resident fishing license through the state department. Non residents are considered any person who has not lived in the state for at least 60 consecutive days. Out of state fishing licenses are categorized by the length of time the license is valid for:

  • Annual Fishing License: $35
  • One-day Fishing License (includes trout and salmon): $9
  • Seven-day Fishing License: $20

IN non resident fishing license fees are subject to change without notice.

Indiana Fishing Education

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources offers fishing educational opportunities for both students and educators. The Go FishIN program is one of the primary sport fishing education programs offered by the department. Through a combination of volunteerism and community interaction, the Go FishIN program promotes youth and family fishing events throughout the state. Go FishIN is the official operator of the State Fair Fishing Pond, as well as the primary promoter of Free Fishing Days, which are held between April and June each year.

Other educational programs offered through the state department include The Hoosier Outdoor Experience and the Hoosier Riverwatch, operating in conjunction with the IN Department of Environmental Management.

Indiana Fishing Organizations

Experienced anglers in Indiana can gain support through various fishing organizations throughout the state. In these organizations, individuals can meet with like-minded Indiana residents who are just as enthusiastic about the sport. Explore a few associations listed below:

  • Indiana Catfish Association
  • Indy Yaks Kayak Fishing Association
  • Indiana Youth Bass Federation

The Indiana Catfish Association (ICA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting socialization and education for anglers in the state. Founded in 1999, the group pushes fishery management along with education opportunities for members. ICA also promotes annual catfish tournaments with cash prizes and other great awards.

The Indy Yaks Kayak Fishing Associationsupports anglers throughout the state who enjoy kayak fishing as a recreational sport. Additionally, the club promotes kayak fishing tournaments in various rivers throughout IN. With fishing outings held throughout the spring and summer from April to October, Indy Yaks is dedicated to keeping kayak fishing as a popular pastime in Indiana.

The Indiana Youth Bass Federation is a sub-group of the larger Indiana Bass Federation. Promoting the overall socialization of bass anglers in the state, the Youth group also focuses on educational opportunities for child bass anglers. The Indiana Bass Federation’s Youth Scholarship Program also awards four $300 scholarships each year to student members from the four different IN fishing zones.