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Florida Freshwater Fishing Licenses

To take native or nonnative freshwater fish in the state of Florida, you must have a freshwater fishing license. Fortunately, all of the information you need to know regarding how to get a fishing license, how to renew a license to fish and how to replace a lost fishing license can be found just below.

Florida Freshwater Resident Fishing License

If you are a member of the US military who is stationed in Florida, or simply a person who has declared FL as his or her home state by having a Florida driver license and a Florida address, then you can apply for a resident fishing permit. As for the different ways in which you can apply, residents have the option of buying freshwater licenses over the phone, online and in person at local tax collector’s offices.

Florida Freshwater Non Resident Fishing License

If you do not meet the qualifications for residency in the state of Florida, then you must apply for a non resident fishing permit. These fishing permits, which you can learn more about in the “How to Become a Licensed Fisherman eBook,” will be slightly more expensive than the resident fishing licenses. However, similar to resident fishing credentials, non-residents can buy freshwater fishing licenses online, by phone or in person at a local tax collector’s office.

Renew Florida Freshwater Fishing License

In the state of Florida, fishing license renewal is simply the process of purchasing a new short-term or annual fishing permit. Therefore, you will be able to do this process in the same ways that you can apply: in person, by phone or online.

Replace Florida Freshwater Fishing License

If your fishing permit is ever lost or stolen, it is your responsibility to apply for a fishing license replacement. You can do this online at no cost or in person at a local license vendor of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for a small fee.

Lifetime Florida Freshwater Fishing License

In addition to short-term and annual permits, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission also offers lifetime licenses to fish. However, these credentials can only be purchased by residents, and residents must prove their Florida residency when applying. It is also important to note that these credentials, because they last longer, come with a higher price than annual permits in the state of Florida.

Senior Florida Freshwater Fishing License

The state of Florida does offer a specific license to fish for seniors who are residents. The Resident 64 Sportsman's License allows for freshwater fishing and hunting, and it also comes at a less expensive cost than the standard Florida fishing permits.

Military Florida Freshwater Fishing License

Just like seniors are given special benefits in the state of Florida, so too are members of the United States military. If you are an active-duty or retired member of the military, you can apply for a less expensive Military Gold Sportsman's License, which allows you to hunt, to fish in freshwater and to fish in saltwater.

Florida Freshwater Fishing License Fees

The fees of Florida freshwater fishing permits vary greatly based on a few factors, including the length of validity and the age of the applicants. The range of prices for Florida fishing credentials begins at a low $13.50 for the Resident 64 Gold Sportsman’s License and goes all the way up to $494 for the Five-Year Gold Sportsman's License. To see all fees associated within fishing in FL, check out the “How to Become a Licensed Fisherman eBook.”