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Idaho Fishing Licenses

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game's fishing permits authorize anglers to fish the state's waters. The department offers two general types of ID fishing licenses: regular fishing licenses and commercial fishing licenses. Licenses to fish in Idaho are separated into resident and nonresident categories. In addition, licenses for members of the military and for disabled individuals can also be purchased at cost-effective rates. To buy an ID fishing license, use the online license purchasing system of the DFG, call 1-800-554-8685 or visit any licensed vendor or ID DFG regional office. To learn more about permits to fish in Idaho and other fishing topics, explore the sections below:

  • Types of fishing licenses in Idaho
  • Fishing education in Idaho
  • Fishing organizations in Idaho

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Types of Idaho Fishing Licenses

To fish in Idaho, anglers must get a fishing license, and in accordance with their fishing goals, one of the following ID permits to fish is required:

  • Regular fishing licenses
  • Commercial fishing licenses

Regular fishing licenses in Idaho

Idaho's Department of Fish and Game offers the following regular fishing permits:

  • Resident fishing licenses:
    • Combination – adult fishing and hunting
    • Combination – adult fishing and hunting three-year
    • Combination – junior fishing and hunting (14-17 years of age)
    • Combination – junior hunting and fishing (14-17 years of age) three-year
    • Combination – senior fishing and hunting (older than 65 years of age)
    • Combination – senior fishing and hunting (older than 65 years of age) three-year
    • Disabled American veterans fishing
    • Disabled American veterans – combination fishing and hunting
    • Disabled individuals – fishing
    • Disabled individuals – combination fishing and hunting
    • Disabled individuals – combination fishing and hunting three-year
    • Fishing adult
    • Fishing adult three-year
    • Fishing daily
    • Salmon and steelhead trout
    • Fishing – two-pole
    • Fishing – state long-term care facility
  • Non resident fishing licenses:
    • Combination – adult fishing and hunting
    • Combination – adult fishing and hunting three-year
    • Fishing adult
    • Fishing adult three-year
    • Fishing daily
    • Fishing junior (14-17 years of age)
    • Fishing junior (14-17 years of age) three-year
    • Salmon and steelhead trout three-day

In addition, Idaho's Department of Fish and Game sells lifetime fishing licenses available to state residents only.

Note: Resident applicants younger than 14 years of age do not require a fishing permit to fish in Idaho. Likewise, non resident fishing permits are not required for nonresident anglers younger than 14, however, they need to be accompanied by a fishing licensee.

Commercial fishing licenses in Idaho

Buying an Idaho commercial fishing license is a necessary step after establishing your ID fishing business. Anglers may harvest fish and crustacea for commercial reasons by only using the following gear and methods:

  • By hand
  • Seine nets
  • Conventional rod and reel fishing tackle.
  • Crayfish or minnow traps
  • Trawl nets.
  • Experimental gear
  • Gill nets.

Note: You must obtain a special ID commercial fishing permit from the DFG director before using some of the aforementioned methods.

Idaho Fishing Education

The Department of Fish and Game offers various fishing education opportunities to Idaho anglers. Be it an online fishing tutorial or a hands-on workshop on Idaho waters. Take advantage to review these other useful resources and tips as well:

  • Online fishing tips and tricks
  • Family fishing choice locations
  • The Free Fishing Day

The ID DFG website provides amateur anglers with educative material on the types of fish and their habitats, along with tips and tricks about fishing equipment, knot tying and cleaning a catch.

Each Idaho fishing region offers family-friendly locations which are accessible by anglers of any age. The Department of Fish and Game recommends these fishing locales based on their vicinity to populated areas and the probability of catching fish.

An annual event, Idaho's Free Fishing Day is organized by the Fish and Game department. Any angler present in the state (residents and nonresidents alike) can fish without an ID fishing permit. The Free Fishing Day is an excellent opportunity to improve your fishing skills as well, as personnel from the ID DFG is present at the free fishing events offering fishing lessons and equipment to eager anglers.

Idaho Fishing Organizations

From local clubs organizing monthly meetings to statewide nonprofit organizations striving to preserve Idaho's fishing heritage, anglers can join various fishing organizations. Explore a few ID fishing associations below:

  • Boise Valley Fly Fishers
  • Henry's Fork Foundation
  • Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Boise Valley Fly Fishers

The Boise Valley Fly Fishers club is a branch of the International Fly Fishing Federation operating in ID and assists its members by organizing:

  • Annual conservation projects for Boise's lakes and rivers.
  • Educational fly tying and fly fishing workshops for residents.
  • An annual Fly Fishing Expo.
  • Monthly outings and meetings.

Henry's Fork Foundation

The foundation's mission is to protect, restore and conserve the wildlife and fisheries of the Henry's Fork river in southeastern Idaho. Operated by a board of directors, the foundation organizes the following:

  • Clubs and societies
  • An internship program
  • A volunteer program
  • Hosted trips
  • Appointing river ambassadors
  • Annual awards

Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation

The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation is a statewide nonprofit association that endeavors toward a sustainable state wildlife, hunting and fishing heritage. The association's goal is to distribute charity gifts and donations to various wildlife-related organizations across the state for projects related to:

  • Wildlife, fishing and hunting education.
  • Habitat restoration and conservation.
  • Fish and wildlife management.