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Fishing can be a peaceful sport. Spending time with friends, family or just the lake itself, there is an undeniable calm in the experience. Unfortunately, filleting your catch isn’t always so serene. With the wrong knife, the process of filleting a fish can be ugly and irritating. You can be wasting meat; rendering what you thought would be a fine meal into no more than an unsatisfying appetizer. Fortunately, once a sportsman finds the right knife, this becomes a problem of the past, and there are plenty of excellent options at your disposal.

Rapala Marttiini Salmon Rosewood Fillet Knife ($128.99): Marttiini has been a favorite in the fillet community for years, and this elegant and timeless collectible knife perfectly embodies the legacy of its craft, while remaining effective at its primary purpose. With a seven-and-a-half-inch stainless blade, this fillet knife makes quick work of even the toughest fish. For those looking to elevate the style of their sport, the leather sheath and included wooden heirloom box work wonders. The only problem owners will ever have is tucking this fine piece of equipment away.

Wusthof Ikon Blackwood Flexible Fillet Knife ($225): With a lifetime warranty and full-tang and triple-riveted construction, this fillet knife is worth its price point. It features a handle carved from African Blackwood for the highest level of control. Its thin, incredibly sharp, six-inch blade has been crafted from high-carbon steel, cutting through everything from walleye to perch without issue. The best part is that fishermen can easily find this tool for less with barely a minute of research.

Berkley Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife ($49.99): For the bargain shopper searching for an excellent deal, there are few knives more effective (for less money) than this particular tool. Featuring two different stainless steel blades (six inches and eight inches) for the fillet of a variety of catches, the electric knife enhances grip with an ergonomic design, removes heat with a ventilation system and even eases the difficulty of accessing a power source with an 18-foot cord.

Knives of Alaska Steelheader ($49.99): If you specialize in catching small to mid-sized fish, then the Steelheader is the perfect fillet knife for you. Molded from high-carbon, 440-C stainless steel, which hits an incredible 58 to 60 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale, this five-and-three-quarter-inch blade has a riveted construction, comes with a full tang and is a perfect fit to keep a steady hand. Even on the larger, tougher fish, the Knives of Alaska tool gets the job done with just a little extra force.

Victorinox Eight-Inch Flexible Fillet Knife ($48): Flexibility has always been the focus of the Swiss Army knife creator, and it shines in this eight-inch kitchen tool. The knife features a Fibrox handle that is easy to hold and a flexible blade, perfect for making a number of clean cuts. Add to that a slip-resistant design that will keep enthusiasts from dicing anything other than fish, and you have got yourself an effective product for a great price.