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5 Hardest Catches in Texas

For many Texans, the words “fishing” and “hard” don’t belong in the same sentence. However, for anglers who go out on the water hoping to catch their next trophy, there are a few steps in the sport fishing process that can be quite difficult. Anglers on the water have to find the right bait, search for just the right fishing spot and – arguably the hardest part about fishing – catch the fish.

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Coastal Conservation Association

There are many organizations throughout the country dedicated to various aspects of recreational fishing and marine life. However, there are few that hold as much influence as the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA). CCA was created by a group of saltwater anglers with the purpose of advising and educating the public on how to best conserve marine resources. Operating at all levels of government, CCA strives to conserve, enhance and promote both the present and future availability of coastal conservation resources.

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How to Catch a Lobster in Florida

While they do not have claws, the meat in spiny lobster tails is valued by seafood enthusiasts all across the globe due to its soft texture and satisfying taste. This makes these crustaceans a prized catch, one that can be found all across the Caribbean and in the state of Florida. Adding to the good news is just how simple it is to catch these shellfish. All you have to do is follow a simple set of steps.

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The Finest Fish Fillet Knives

Fishing can be a peaceful sport. Spending time with friends, family or just the lake itself, there is an undeniable calm in the experience. Unfortunately, filleting your catch isn’t always so serene. With the wrong knife, the process of filleting a fish can be ugly and irritating. You can be wasting meat; rendering what you thought would be a fine meal into no more than an unsatisfying appetizer. Fortunately, once a sportsman finds the right knife, this becomes a problem of the past, and there are plenty of excellent options at your disposal.

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