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Picking Sensible Fishing Outfits blog: Picking Sensible Fishing Outfits

If you’re heading out on the boat for a long day of fishing, the last thing you want to deal with is clothing that’s too heavy or uncomfortable. There are several fishing clothing brands that cater to life out on the water, and offer specific items to keep you feeling cool, relaxed and stylish all day. The experts at recommend looking into these brands of clothing so you can have an enjoyable fishing experience, whether you’re out on the water or sitting on the shore. Here are a few items you can put together to create the perfect fishing outfit for your next day out.

Boat Shoes That Won't Slip

Let’s start with your feet. They need to stay dry, and keep a good grip with the boat’s floor. If you’re on shore, they need to be easy to walk in the sand or other terrain. The grip will also be important if you get a big catch that requires you to plant your feet and start reeling in. Depending upon the weather you’ll be encountering, you may also need to keep the shoe fabric breathable to deal with the heat, or insulated to handle the cold.

If you’re planning a hot summer boating trip, you may want to check out the OluKai Nohea Mesh shoes. These are made from a synthetic material that includes breathable mesh, to keep your feet dry and comfortable inside. This mesh also dries easily, so a splash of water won’t result in an entire day of wet feet. We all know the foot bed of a fishing shoe can have a less than desirable smell after a few outings. This shoe features removeable foot beds that are machine washable, so they can stay in good shape, no matter how many times you wear them. The team at always recommends a rubber or tacky soled shoe on a boat, whether you’ll be walking around on the dock, or on the boat for the remainder of the day. Wet and slippery surfaces are dangerous and can easily lead to serious injury. These mesh shoes have a rubber sole that’s extra tacky to provide you with the grip you need to stay safe and upright.

A Breathable and Sunproof Shirt

Whether you’re spending your day out to sea or on the shoreline, a few hours of fishing can expose you to the harmful UV rays of the sun for way too long. The team at stresses the importance of a reliable sunscreen that’s applied throughout the day, as well as an outfit that’s made to block the sun. There are several shirts on the market that offer comfort and breathability, but are still thick enough to block the harmful rays of the sun. A Columbia Tamiami shirt is one of the best fishing shirts on the market because it combines all of these important factors into one. It’s a light shirt made from polyester with wicking technology to keep you dry all day. These shirts also feature venting on the back, to help the air flow through the shirt and keep you cool in the hottest conditions. These Columbia shirts also feature a priceless technology in their Omni-Shade UPF 40. The shirt offers an SPF of 40 to block the sun’s rays so you can spend hours out on the boat without suffering the consequences of a dreaded sunburn.

A Comfortable and Reliable Hat

Since your sun blocking shirt can’t cover your face, a hat is necessary for fishermen who plan to be out in the sun for an extended period of time. The team at recommends purchasing a hat that includes a neck shield, since often times, your neck is the most vulnerable part of your body to a sunburn. Cabela’s Panama Sun Hat is a great choice because it offers a neck shield, chin cord and a mesh, breathable material. The wide and stiff brim of this hat is perfect to keep the sun out of your eyes and off your face while you’re busy casting away.