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Fishing Trip Essentials blog: Fishing Trip Essentials

If you’re getting ready to pack for your next fishing trip, it can be hard to decide what to take with you. You want to pack light since you’ll be riding in a boat, or lugging everything to a shoreline or dock, but there are some fishing trip essentials that simply can’t be left behind. The team of experts at encourages all anglers — experienced or first-timers — to create a checklist to use each time they pack for a trip. This will ensure you don’t forget some of the important items that will make for a successful, safe and fun day. Not sure what to add to your checklist of items? Here are a few fishing trip essentials you shouldn’t leave without.

Sun Protection

Getting beat up by the sun all day is something fishermen are used to, but can also make for a brutal and long day. You can avoid a nasty sunburn by packing correctly for your trip. Bring plenty of sunblock that’s at least 35 SPF in strength and safe enough to be applied to sensitive areas like your face and neck. A lot of anglers rely on their clothing and accessories to help them with sun protection. If you’re heading out on a fishing trip, the team at wants to remind you that the water reflects the sun, making its rays even stronger than when you’re on land.

A hat with neck flap and a wide brim will be paramount to saving your face from the sun. Protect your eyes from the sun’s reflection on the water with polarized sunglasses that are lightweight, and include a neck strap with a floater, in case they end up in the water. A long sleeve, lightweight shirt that includes sunblock protection is also an essential for fishermen. Every fishing clothing brand offers these types of shirts, and they’re worth the investment to avoid sunburn.

A Tacklebox With Equipment

Your tacklebox will be an obvious fishing essential. It should contain plenty of lures, extra line, sinkers, and hooks. Consider the environment you’ll be fishing in and the target fish you’re after, and cater the goodies in your tacklebox to these factors. You should also have a trusty knife and multitool ready to go in your tacklebox at all times. If you need to cut a line quickly, you’ll be happy your knife is in an easy to reach spot. Keeping extra lures, sinkers, and hooks in your tacklebox is also essential because you never know when a fish will swallow a hook, or break your line off completely. If you don’t have the proper equipment ready to go, this incident can ruin your day. The team at recommends keeping different sized hooks, sinkers, and lures in your box so you’re prepared for any environment and any type of fish.

A Stocked First Aid Kit

Anything can happen out on the water, and being far from shore is scary in an emergency situation. A stocked first aid kit can help you to prevent some medical emergencies from becoming severe. Your first aid kit should include antibiotic ointment, bandages, pain killers, and allergy medication. It can also include sun blocking lip balm, sunscreen, and antibacterial lotion for the comfort of you and your companions.

Snacks and Hydration

Between the sun and the water, being out on the boat, or hanging on the dock, fishing can make you hungry and thirsty. Your next fishing trip should include substantial snacks, meals, and hydration. When preparing for your fishing trip, you should stock your boat’s cooler full of drinking water and hydrating drinks. Quick and easy snacks that can be eaten while holding your fishing pole will also come in handy as the day goes on. The team at recommends storing some powdered hydration packets in your first aid kit or somewhere in your tackle box. A hot day without enough fluids can dehydrate you quickly. These packets can be added to a bottle of water to rehydrate quickly and effectively and keep your day running smoothly.