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As you get ready to embark on your open water adventure, consider the best spots to fish in so you can make the most of your fishing vacation. Make sure to review the list of destinations, accommodations and excursions below.


Due to its location and year-round warm climate, Texas happens to be one of the premium states for freshwater and saltwater fishing in the country. If you plan to cast a line, think about some of these great saltwater and freshwater fishing locations.

Sabine Pass

A great saltwater fishing location, Sabine Lake is located on the border of Texas, holding some of the largest speckled trout in the state along with a good population of redfish. However, despite those budding prospects, Sabine is more known for its flounder.


The island of Galveston is just that – an island. Surrounded by water that is filled with everything from speckled trout to flounder to redfish, Galveston prides itself on being one of the best fishing spots in Texas.

Matagorda Bay System

The Matagorda Bay system actually consists of two bays: East Matagorda and West Matagorda, each with unique characteristics. East Matagorda is smaller and full of speckled trout, while West Matagorda is known for redfish.

Excursions & Travel

Typical fishing excursions in Texas are based around the amount of time you would like to be out on the water. When researching fishing trips and excursions in Texas, keep in mind the amount of time you would like to be out on the boat, whether it’s a quarter-day, half a day, a full day or even overnight.

Hourly Excursions

Hourly excursion prices vary, with most boats offering a minimum of four hours per trip. Other excursions offer full 24-hour trips, while others are even longer – sometimes up to 80 hours. Multiple-day fishing trips can cost in the hundreds, so plan your excursion based on both your budget and the type of fish you would like to catch.

Deep Sea Fishing Excursions

Fishing excursions are also based on whether you want to cast your line inland or out at sea. Deep sea fishing excursions in Texas are typically higher in price than inland fishing excursions. However, deep sea fishing boats also normally hold more people.

Seaplane and Plane

Seaplanes are great for those hoping to cast a line out in the gulf near any remote islands. Seaplane charters in Texas typically leave out of Houston’s William P. Hobby Airport. A standard flight ticket is another option with various tickets and discounts available.

Charter Boat

For anglers looking to cast a line off the coast, one of the more reliable (and cheaper) options is renting a charter boat. You can even choose between chartering a boat with other anglers and hiring a professional crew to help your fishing trip be more efficient and fruitful.

Charters & Rentals

Even the most experienced anglers in Texas sometimes need help getting to (or even finding) the right fishing location. Luckily, Texas is known for its abundance of fishing guides and charter fishing trips.

Hire a Fishing Guide

If you plan to go offshore, hire a fishing guide who specializes in offshore chartering and knows the best locations for fishing off the coast. Likewise, when fishing inland – especially in fresh water – find a fishing guide who is knowledgeable about freshwater fishing and is familiar with the best locations to catch the type of fish that you want. Prices for a full day typically run $600 and up.

Best Locations for Charter Rentals

Major areas to research fishing guides and charter rentals include Corpus Christi, Galveston and Galveston Bay, Port Aransas, Port Mansfield, Port O’Connor, San Antonio Bay, South Padre Island and Port Isabel.