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Once you have obtained your fishing license in Minnesota, the next step is to prepare for your trip. Whether you are a resident or nonresident of Minnesota, you have to choose where to fish in, along with what bait shop to use, what boat slip to rent and more. Out-of-town fishermen should take extra time to find lodgings and decide how they would like to travel, both in going to the state of Minnesota and transportation within the state. For information on a number of important aspects of accommodations in Minnesota, read the sections below, and for additional details, consult our helpful fishing guide.


Lake Louise

A total of 47 species can be found in Lake Louise, including both the largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappie, channel catfish and sunfish. These fish are said to migrate from the Little Iowa and Upper Iowa rivers, providing residents and visitors of Minnesota with a varied and thrilling fishing experience.

Fort Snelling Lake

From a drive-in boat launch to handicap accessibility on their wooden deck, Fort Snelling Lake has state park fishing for everyone. With an abundance of carp, crappie, northern pike and sunfish, all sportsmen will have the opportunity to get the catch they enjoy.

Annie Battle Lake

If you are looking for a good place to put your fishing license to good use, visit Annie Battle Lake, commonly regarded as one of the best fishing spots in Minnesota. The lake itself is 355 acres and features everything from bass and crappie to sunfish and walleye. Given that the number of panfish is closely monitored by the Department of Natural Resources, fishing trips to this location are always eventful.

St. Croix River

Located on the northeastern side of St. Paul, Minnesota, the St. Croix River is another great place to fish in if you are looking to catch bass, trout, walleye and northern pike. As an added bonus, sportsmen do not even need to pay for equipment, as rentals are offered free of charge.

Lake Andrew

Teeming with crappie and featuring walleye and northern pike as well, this Sibley State Park lake offers excellent shore access, as well as free rental equipment. However, anglers should be aware that there is no boat access to this lake.


When going on a fishing vacation in the state of Minnesota, individuals and families should take some time to decide which mode of transportation is best for traveling.

By Plane

If you are on the other side of the country, then a plane is likely the simplest and most efficient solution. Prices for flights will vary depending on the time of year, but travelers should expect to pay a significant amount of money when booking. However, there are instances in which a plane is not the best solution for traveling.

By Car

For individuals who are planning on traveling to several places to fish in Minnesota, driving to the state with your own car or a rental car has its advantages. First of all, having a car as soon as you arrive at a given destination gives you the freedom to plan your trip on the fly. You can add new items to the itinerary and change plans at the last second without having to worry about transportation.

By Charter Boat

In addition to the two most common ways to travel, using a charter boat may be a good idea during a fishing vacation to Minnesota, especially since some of the best spots to fish in are located in a remote part of the state or out on Lake Superior. A charter boat is your only way of traveling to these specific fishing areas. Luckily, charter fishing trips on various types of boats are easy to come by.

By Seaplane

For those fishermen who want the most striking view of Minnesota, a seaplane is the only way to travel. Rentals and training courses are available to all visitors by various trusted companies in the area. Most businesses offer a number of training packages to choose from, while others allow you to personalize your flying experience from the very beginning. In any case, be prepared to pay a steep price for lessons, as the hourly rate for seaplane rental is in the hundreds.

Charters and Rentals

If you are not a seasoned traveling fisherman, the best way to make your trip to Minnesota as simple as possible is to charter a fishing boat with a trusted fishing guide. Not only do these experts have access to fishing licenses in Minnesota, but many of them also have countless years of experience and know the lakes back and forth. In fact, some of the most popular charter boats have guided fishing expeditions for 25 years or longer, with invaluable knowledge of the areas that they frequent. But regardless of the fishing guide you choose, make sure to ask for proof of a US Coast Guard license. Licensed charter fishing trips will typically charge anywhere between $300 and $400 for a half-day trip, with full-day service costing fishermen more than $600.

Something to keep in mind when traveling to Minnesota is that large and small boats are not the only vessels that you can charter. Guests can also rent canoes, kayaks and even helicopters if they are interested in flying over Lake Superior. If you are set on renting a boat or hiring a fishing guide, remember to book services based on your skill level and the kind of fish you would like to catch. With a wide variety of fishing spots to choose from and a number of different species of fish native to Minnesota, it is the responsibility of the fisherman to do the research and find the boat and the best spots to fish in.


If you are visiting Minnesota for a fishing vacation and are not completely sure how to spend the rest of your time, book an excursion. There are plenty of different and thrilling experiences to choose from.

Lake Superior Fishing Charter

Whether you are out to catch your first lake trout, some salmon or you just want to have an enjoyable fishing trip with a trusted fishing guide, this action sport fishing excursion will prove to be the perfect fit. Leaving from the port of Duluth on Minnesota’s beautiful North Shore, Lake Superior Fishing is ranked No. 1 for the number of fish caught, trips offered and boats available.

Rainy Lake Boat Tours

Only available in the summertime in Minnesota, these tours combine wildlife viewing, education about Rainy Lake’s commercial fishing industry and hiking around the gold mines into a varied and rewarding experience. Fees for the tour vary based on a number of factors, so be sure to call in advance if you are considering booking.

Lake Superior Helicopters

Once you have gained an appreciation for the ground, it is time to take a tour that changes your perspective. Offering a basic aerial tour, a North Shore tour and an Ultimate Tour, which takes passengers over scenic waterfalls, dams and other gorgeous sites the lake has to offer, Lake Superior Helicopters is a firm believer that you do not need a special reason to take one of the most thrilling rides of your life. So just do it.

Bait and Tackle Shops

For fishermen with their hearts set on fishing in the state of Minnesota, it is vital to familiarize oneself with bait and tackle shops in the area. As Minnesota has its own laws and regulations regarding bait, as do all states that offer fishing licenses in the country, take the time to speak with a trusted store owner about your options. The good news is that there are plenty of Minnesota shops and store owners available for consultation.

Finding a bait shop in Minnesota is very easy, as these stores are located near all of the best fishing spots in MN. Some of these shops can even be found right next to where recreational fishing licenses are sold. This way, you can get the bait and license at once, and then make your way straight to the nearest of Minnesota’s many popular lakes. You can expect these stores to be stocked with materials that are specific to the fish that appear in the area, with supplies changing based on the season. Should you need to purchase food and beverage on the way to the lake, these stores typically offer food and basic boating equipment as well.

Boat Slips

If you are traveling to Minnesota or are a resident, one thing to consider is docking your boat in a boat slip. By keeping it on the water, you are easing the process of taking it out when you choose to go on another fishing trip. When it comes to availability, there are more than a dozen boat slips located in the state, especially near some of the best spots to fish in. So, as long as you look in advance of your trip, there should be no problem in finding a place for the boat to stay.

One way that Minnesota officials make it easy to find a boat slip for your vessel is by creating online resources. If you would like to buy or rent a boat slip in MN, simply go online and check out the listings. You will find a wide variety of classified ads, with locations all across the state of 10,000 lakes. Furthermore, customers can choose from a number of different packages when renting a boat slip. A weekly option is available for those visiting for a short period of time. Monthly slips are available for longer trips. Seasonal and annual boat slips are perfect for the Minnesota resident who never knows when the need to go on a fishing vacation will strike next.


If you are traveling to the state of Minnesota and would like to fish in one of the state’s 10,000 lakes, one of the first necessary steps to take is to reserve a space for lodging. Fortunately, Minnesota offers plenty of different options, all of which appeal to a wide variety of fishermen and families.

If your visit to Minnesota is centered on a fishing trip, then it is recommended to procure lodging near the water. This is especially important if one needs to obtain a secure area to leave a boat overnight. The good news is that plenty of marinas offer these services, and many of them are located near some of the best fishing spots in Minnesota.

Another recommendation for visitors is to stay at a full-service lodging, such as North Star Lake Resort or Timber Lake Lodge. These locations feature cottages that are surrounded by bait and tackle shops, boat and motor rental stores and a boat launch for your fishing trip. Some lodgings even offer amenities such as pools for the family to enhance the friendly atmosphere. On the other hand, if you would prefer a simple cottage or apartment in MN, these accommodations are available to you as well and for a lower cost.